Self-managed super funds is an area we have many years experience in administering. If you already have an SMSF you may wish to compare and discuss compliance cost ratio compared with some managed funds. Self managed funds allows trustees the discretion to choose an appropriate  investment strategy that suits their financial circumstances, that decision should be prudent clearly documented and and appropriate to their needs giving reasons behind their investment. We can assist with documenting and help ensure your decisions are regularly reviewed and give effect to the risks of making holding and realising the fund’s investments as well as advising you regarding the tax consequences of decisions made whether it be contributing as a concessional contribution or what happens tax wise when you draw down a pension. Whatever you may decide, we are here to make sure you comply with SIS legislation and income tax law.

We do not hold an AFSL licence and cannot give advice about acquiring retaining or disposing of particular assets owned by a super fund.

Outcomes from investing through a Self-Managed Super Fund include:

  • Trustees are responsible for their own investments and determine what to invest in
  • Allows for direct investment in property and unlisted assets
  • Administration of your super fund for you
  • Our firm is a  registered SMSF auditor and we can audit your financial statements for the Trustees of the SMSF.
  1. Manage costs by avoiding expensive financial planning fees.
  2. Self-determination.

 Partner with Harrington Financial Solutions and be on your way to financial security throughout your retirement years.

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