You’ve got your nest egg tucked away and growing, but is it enough to support your plans for the future and reach your financial goals? Will it stand up against the effects of inflation, and be sufficient for your major expenditures, emergencies and retirement? In most cases and especially in today’s financially unstable environment, simply saving isn’t enough.  If you want to make the most of your savings, it’s best to invest it in a self-managed super fund.

Self-managed super funds are our speciality. We can demonstrate the effectiveness of having your own super fund and discuss strategies that work. Talking to you about your investment strategy helps define the risk and return of specific asset classes such as property, shares or fixed interest. Alternatively, as a part of some people’s succession planning they invest through their DIY fund in wholesale managed funds. Whatever you may decide, we are here to make sure you make the smartest decisions and investments.

We can help define the broad principles and target asset allocation and tax benefits that apply specifically.

Outcomes from investing through a Self-Managed Super Fund include:

  • Contribution strategies to cap tax at 15%
  • Pension strategies
  • Setting acceptable level of retirement savings by projecting returns
  • Administration of your super fund for you
  • Auditing self-managed super funds

We would not recommend you commence a self-managed super fund with below $200,000 in assets. You may consider rolling over benefits that are:

  1. Protect your nest egg by investing in assets that you select and understand thereby mitigating risk.
  2. Manage costs by avoiding expensive financial planning fees.
  3. Self-determination.

Protect and grow your nest egg with minimal risk and maximum returns. Partner with Harrington Financial Solutions and be on your way to financial security throughout your retirement years.

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